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You are like my “Hitch.” You help me understand all of this relationship stuff.

- Simone S.


For the first time, I feel like I am no longer wandering around lost in the woods. I feel like I am standing in the clearing and I can’t wait for what is next!

- Cindy S.


First I want to say thank you, Adrienne, for being so willing to speak at our girls summer youth camp. And secondly, thank you for the encouragement and professionalism you delivered to the girls about your life history and paths, to encourage them to be successful and productive individuals for our society. The energy you demonstrated through your motivational speaking was phenomenal. You were engaging and personable which allowed the girls to openly ask questions and make comments based on your presentation. It is so refreshing to know, through your presentation, that although someone may start out on one path in life that they can certainly change and feel a sense of fulfillment from every path they have taken. Your sense of humor and knowledge of latest trends helped the girls feel you were talking directly to them and it was not just another boring activity to complete. Thank you again for sharing your talents and providing girls and adult volunteers present with inspiration in knowing that life will bring many transitions and how to embrace them without alarm or despair.  I will also add, as a professional therapist myself I would certainly refer individuals to you for life coaching.

Best wishes

- April C, MSW, LCSW

I was so excited about getting my book "Butterfly Flow" yesterday from the one and only Adrienne Charleston. I love the poem "I thought you were different". This book is nothing but the truth. I just got the book yesterday and can't stop reading it. The poems in the book are so inspirational and encouraging. I definitely can relate to several of these poems. Go get your copy today. I promise you won't regret it. Adrienne is such a talented, intelligent, smart, and beautiful business woman. Thank you so much diva!

Temekia S.


I'm enjoying the glow of "Butterfly Flow"! I received the book last week but today is the first that I had time to sit down and read some of the poems. Loving it!  I can relate to your words and message. We have all been through these stages of love. I love 'Down in the Dumps' with the little twist in the end. Congratulations on your excellent book! And you personally autographed it! 

Melvina G


Possibilities, Force and Happy are my favorites, nice Adrienne real nice!!!!! It really felt like I was reading about myself.

Keith S.


I sent the poem "I Love You" to my daughter away at school.

Eric O.


I just picked up Butterfly Flow and read it from beginning to end! I am so in love with you right now! Got me up here like damn, Which one of these am I gonna recite to my lady(when I finally find one)"I look at you", "I want to talk to you", "I love you"(my personal favorite)!....You hit me in the soul with your flow. As I read some of the poems, even though they're from a female's perspective, that made me think of people I was with and/or "this reminds me of so and so"....I really enjoyed it and keep doing what you do!

Mike B.

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