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Emotional Hostage

This is a person that is trapped due to a relationship or other ties to another person. This person has allowed themselves to become a hostage out of obligation or guilt. They feel they have no way out and the person or people that are controlling the emotions know how to keep the hostage bound to them. Most of the time, the hostage doesn’t even realize that they are being held captive. They don’t know that they can’t escape until they want a change in their life, and they are prevented from doing anything different. Once the hostage decides to escape, it is a difficult task, but attainable. First, they have to be okay with pulling away. Once the changes in the hostage begin, they are going to be met with much resistance. The lengths people will go to keep a hostage is unimaginable. They will try anything from belittling the hostage to stop their progress or say they will harm themselves to turn the hostage’s emotions back to them or any other emotional trick that will prevent escape. Once the hostage begins on this journey, they will have set backs because all of the tactics that will occur are unknown. The hostage will have to get up, keep moving, push harder and don’t beat up on themselves. If you know or are an emotional hostage, just know you don’t have to move forward alone. I am here to assist you if you like.

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