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Grown-Up Conversation

Many people can’t handle grown-up conversations. For the purpose of this blog, Grown-Up Conversation will be defined as conversations between adults where everyone is telling their truth. Trouble is, most people don’t want to hear the truth, yours or their own. Some people want to live on feeling or emotions or actions even after the truth has been told to them. Some people believe that they know what is best for you or they can change you into their truth regardless of what you have told them. This normally occurs because people hear what is being said from their perception and people also hear what they want to hear. You know how some people say, it’s what you didn’t say or that’s not what you meant. Although, body language and facial expressions are important in conversation, you also have to actually hear what is being said. Sometimes, in grown-up conversations, what is being said is more important, even though the person saying it and the person hearing it may have different feelings about the words that are coming out. So, listen to what is being said to you at all times, it just might be true.

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