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No Insecurities Here

Wise words from a wise friend of mine: You will Never have enough self-esteem to supplement the insecurities of someone else. This is true on so many levels, business and personal, social and at home. No matter how great you are, and know it, others will attempt to place their insecurities on you. Let’s say you are starting a new business. What are some of the first questions asked to you by others? Do you think that will be a good idea? When are you going to have time to do that? How are you going to support yourself doing that? These questions seem genuine and concerning enough coming from family and friends. You have done your research. This is something you want and know you can accomplish. The questions are not really for you. When we begin to move forward and make changes in life, the questions that come at you are not necessarily questioning you. They are however opening up insecurities in others. These people are asking themselves how can you do this and I can’t. The real answer is that they can, but they don’t even know it, so they put their insecurities on you. Now, you know who you are as a person and all you can do in life, so this doesn’t bother you too much. Where it can become a problem is in personal relationships. If you have a friend, family member or significant other that is insecure, the self-esteem you have for you is not enough to squelch anyone’s insecurities that they may have within themselves. Insecurity is basically an uncertainty about oneself. The best thing you can do is to get them a great life coach that can help them learn how to raise their self-esteem. Also, don’t allow these people to delve into your self-esteem because you know who you are, love who you are and know where you are going and people with a bag full of insecurities will only slow you down. Remember, self-esteem and insecurities come from within. Your self-esteem cannot compensate for another person’s insecurities. If you would like to purchase this shirt, you can do so at: If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, you can do so at: Shirt designed by Maleek Brown. You can find more information on him at:

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