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I met Ashley Reid at A3C as she was a panelist on the Mental Health Panel. She was very open and inviting and she shared her story with ease. Ms. Reid let us know that sharing her story of dealing with Mental Health issues is a form of therapy for her. She shared how at times it was difficult for her to find proper Mental Health assistance because of her status in the community. This is not all she discussed, but this touched a nerve in me and I wanted to say something about it. Ms. Reid reports that she was met with “You are too pretty,” or “With all that your family has…” type of statements from actual Mental Health Professionals. This, to me, is unacceptable. As a Mental Health Professional, I am to do no harm to the individual seeking assistance. If I am unable to assist them, or if there is an open bias, I am to assist them in finding someone that would be a better fit for them and all that is going on with them. I was able to have a discussion with Ms. Reid and I apologized to her because no one should be turned off from receiving help if they feel they are in need. I let her know that some are called into this profession and some are just in it. I explain to each of my client’s during the first session that if, at any time, they feel I am not a good fit for them, let me know and we can work on finding someone that may be better. I let them know that my feelings will not be hurt because it is not about me. Their treatment is more important than money or my feelings as a therapist. As long as they continue to receive treatment that they are comfortable with, it is great with me. So, Ms. Reid, thank you for continuing on your journey and speaking about Mental Health issues with those who may be afraid or ashamed to seek assistance. And most of all, thank you for being here!!

Fine Artist, Photographer, Video and Creative Director, Ashley Reid is an artist’s artist born in Oakland, CA and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, as the daughter to music industry icons Perri “Pebbles” Reid and Antonio “L.A.” Reid, Ashley was no stranger to photo and music video sets. You can find more on Ms. Reid on her website:

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