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Mental Strength - Get Out/Split

It has been a while since I wrote a blog, but I thought this would be a good occasion. I was able to see both of these movies over the weekend. They both proved to be great psychological thrillers, which is why I am so intrigued by them. They both approached psychology in a very unique way. One movie, by way of a Masters level Psychologist, who wanted to do well by her clients and help at all costs. The other movie, by way of a Psychiatrist, who has honed her techniques so well and with hardly any effort, but not for the best of intentions. Split looked at DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder, which happens to be one of the more sensational disorders because people want to know more about it and how it works. It also brought in how trauma and abuse can have a huge role in the mental health of a person. Get Out also touched on how trauma can play on your mental stability no matter how much you try to hide it and not deal with it, some things still come out in your actions. Social psychology plays a huge role in Get Out as well. It is how society has shaped the man, Chris, we see in the movie. It is fitting that both of the main characters in the movies first names start with a C, Chris and Casey. I say this mainly because, cause and circumstances made them who they are. They both appear amenable and sometimes even weak at the beginning of each movie. They seem to allow things to happen to them instead of speaking up for themselves; however what life has taught them and what has been ingrained in their mental, Pay Attention. They are taking in all that is around them. Because of the hurt, the pain, the trauma they have endured in their lives, it made them more sensitive to things that do not seem right. Instead of jumping to conclusions, they gather more information as their ammunition for, what other term would I use, psychological warfare. These characters also bring to light how you never know what someone is dealing with. Casey was judged by her behavior at the beginning of the movie and Chris seemed to be quite normal. Both movies took a look at Mental Health, the faces of Mental Health and the causes of Mental Health and put it in the spot light. They showed that Mental Health issues are not only, DID, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar or Schizophrenia. They helped show that everything is not always as it seems. In their own way, these movies let you know that it is, also, okay to get help from a Mental Health professional without feeling like there is a stigma. Now, I will say that many people loved both movies and many people hated both movies. I am all about what can be taken away from what I have seen. (Disclaimer: Don’t see either if you don’t like scary movies or seeing people killed and don’t try any of this at home) My take away is Mental Strength. Due to the childhood trauma and social stigmas that each carried, it aided them in their mental strength. They were able to see, understand and take action. They were able to fight for themselves and others. Sometimes in life, things happen to test your mental strength and in the end, it shows us how strong we really are. Now, for these 2, I am sure some mental repairing is in order, but they know their strength and that will take them a long way in cinema life. Do you know your mental strength? Do you know you can overcome things in your life? Do you know it is okay to ask for help? I am open for questions and Life Coaching no matter your area. For Mental Health services, you must be in the NC area, if you are not, seek your local therapist.

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