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Vision Boards

Vision Board Workshop

Join Butterfly Flow's empowering Vision Board Workshop to unlock the potential of your personal and professional aspirations. In this interactive session, you'll learn the art of visualization and goal manifestation. Guided by an experienced facilitator, you'll craft your own vision board—a visual representation of your dreams and ambitions. Through creative expression and focused intention, you'll gain clarity on your path, identify key milestones, and ignite the motivation to achieve your goals. Whether you're aiming for career success, personal growth, or a balanced life, this workshop will equip you with a powerful tool to bring your visions to life. Get ready to shape your destiny and step confidently into a brighter future!

This is a 4-hour (although most stay about 6 hours) workshop where we will develop goals for the year together. Those goals will then be placed in a visual form for you to view your goals on a daily basis. Vision board supplies will be provided along with gift bag and snacks.


There are different types of Vision Board Workshops. Contact Adrienne today to scheudle yours.

Large Group 



Father – Daughter

Father – Son

Mother – Daughter

Mother – Son


Individual: $300

2-3 people: $150 each

4 people: $100 each

5+ people: $75 each

School and event prices to be discussed

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