Finding Your Flow – Happiness Workshop (Virtual)

This is an extensive workshop to help you become unstuck. It is designed to help you break down the barriers that are in the way of your happiness and help you find the butterfly within.

This 8-week workshop will be held Friday nights from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. First session begins July 17, 2020 and last session will be September 11, 2020 (Skipping Labor Day weekend).

It's Not Your Fault (Virtual)

This is a workshop designed for those dealing with sexual harassment and/or assault.

This 8-week workshop has not been scheduled, yet, but will be scheduled when enough interest is shown.

Space is limited in the above workshops. Payment Plan available and begins when signed up.

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Vision Board (Will Resume January 2021)

This is a 4-hour (although most stay about 6 hours) workshop where we will develop goals for the year together. Those goals will then be placed in a visual form for you to view your goals on a daily basis. Vision board supplies will be provided along with gift bag and snacks.


There are different types of Vision Board Workshops you can attend:



Father – Daughter

Father – Son

Mother – Daughter

Mother – Son

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