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Love Yourself, but Don't Tell Anyone

(Image Credit: SPARKcon)

The greatest love is the love of yourself. Who can love you, better than you? Who knows what to tell you to make your day, better than you? Who knows what makes you happy, better than you? No one. Loving the person in the mirror is the best thing you can do for yourself and those around you. If you are loving you, no one can tell you anything different than the love you have within. Now, where it gets tricky is when you tell others how much you love yourself. Some people want to say you are full of yourself or something must be wrong with you for professing your love for yourself. But guess what, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Some people condemn it because it is a foreign concept to them. Most people have love for others or are out there searching for love from others. The moment you begin to get a closer relationship with yourself and love you more, all of the extra love will come your way without you searching. You will be able to accept it and know you are deserving of love. So, do me a favor. Go to the nearest mirror and look yourself square in the eye and profess “I LOVE YOU.” If for some reason it doesn’t feel genuine or true, do it again the next day and the next day until it is absolutely true for you. And remember, tell everyone!!

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