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Mind, Heart, and Soul

Many of my sessions with clients venture into the realm of relationships. Most of the time it is the client trying to figure if they should stay with a person or if the person is right for them. I have questions that I ask to ascertain how they feel in their heart, soul and what they think of the relationship. These questions are different for each person because each person is different and may see their situation differently. The most common theme is, “But I love them.” And that could be the case, but that is the case for only one area. The heart. This is why there are 3 areas to listen to, so that a tie can easily be broken. When it comes to the soul, it is also a feeling. The soul or spirit comes into play when you think that something does not feel right. It is also that feeling of everything being okay, but most people only feel the “not right,” feeling. We all know the mind. Your mind comes in when you begin to think about the relationship. When you begin to think about the actions and if these things are right or wrong for you. Now, let’s put these areas into play. For example, you are in a relationship with someone you love, but they use drugs and it is difficult to keep money in the house. Your heart is all in, but your soul knows this is not right for you and your mind agrees. What should you do? Easy, 2 against 1. Now, you meet someone and begin dating. You are head over heels for them. Everything is going well in your heart and your soul, but your mind is trying to figure out what is going on and doesn’t like it. What should you do? Stay in there and see how it grows, because 2 areas agree once again. Okay, the next one is kind of difficult. You are with someone for a few years. You look good together on paper, so your mind is all in. You have come to the realization that you really don’t love them. Now, your soul is kind of torn. Your soul feels you will be secure, but feels you are settling. Your soul cannot fully get behind you being with the person. And there you have your answer. You should probably go or stay and leave some years later due to being unhappy. Now, when all 3 are in agreeance, there should be no worries and happiness is sure to follow. I suggest that you begin listening to your mind, heart and soul. The answer to most of your questions are right there within you. If you need assistance getting the correct answer, you can always contact me for help.

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