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Good Heart, Broken Spirit

Photo Credit: SparkCon

This is a person that is genuinely a wonderful person. They mean well and do well most of the time. At times, you see this go away because they are afraid. Afraid of being hurt again. Afraid of not being accepted. Afraid of actually being seen and loved just the way they are. I know that last one seems a little contradictory, but some people are afraid of this because it didn’t work out well previously. They sometimes carry that memory or thought or feeling of the ones that have hurt them in the past. They sometimes take it out on the next people they encounter that are reminiscent of the hurters. This, in turn, hurts those that can see through to the good heart, but are not able to get to it because they are being pushed away. The push away comes in many different forms, yelling, arguing, blaming, ignoring or just taking the other person for granted. This can cause the person with the good heart to be alone when they really just want to share their love and heart. Now the question is: How do we repair the spirit? First, you will have to admit that you have been broken. Then, ask yourself: How have I been broken? What coping skills have I put in place for myself to protect myself from being hurt like that again? Are they working? When you ask yourself these questions, it is not only have you been hurt that way again, but have you been able to move past it and open yourself up again. If you notice, the question of “Who” never came up. That is because they are no longer important to your healing. It is up to you to get yourself back to that good hearted person that you know you are.

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