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Happiness and Weight

It has been proven that stress and weight have a correlation, but have you ever thought about happiness and weight. I am not sure about you, but it definitely has a correlation for me. I immediately lost about 200 pounds when I left a marriage I was not happy in. Okay, so 185 was him, but I did lose 15 pounds. Nothing changed besides the fact that I was happy. Happy with me, my situation, about what was to come. Just Happy. Others would tell me that they could see how happy I was. Then I began to notice that my weight would fluctuate due to my mood. I would go up about 5 pounds when I was stressed and then back to that original weight when I was feeling good and happy. Recently, I had quite of few speed bumps. I had a reason to be unhappy and stressed out, but I refused. I made the decision to not stress out and just take care of the situation and all that followed. Now with everything being resolved, I lost another 5 pounds. Again, not much has changed except not having much stress. Also, I have great stress relievers. I write poetry to get my feelings out and I dance. Sometimes I feel that if I get any happier, I am just going to waste away. LOL. So, where are you with your happiness and stress level?

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