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When a Woman Flowers

This is a new concept that I was introduced to by a friend of mine, T. They explained that there is nothing better than when a woman flowers. This means, when you are able to see a woman grow from a girl, full of life to an accomplished woman still full of life. I love this concept and I have decided that I love when a flowers, too. I love to see women doing what they love and being happy. I love to see women being unapologetically themselves. I love to see women being successful. Seeing women flower makes my heart smile. I am also glad to be one of the women that have flowered into a wonderful woman. It has taken me some time to be this confident, loving, happy and giving and I know you can do it to. You, woman, can flower, too!!

Photo Credit: Vanel Cuffie illustrator from the Caribbean, Grenada W.I.

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